Why have I received notice that my Workplace requires a desktop app update?

If you have received a notice saying that your Workplace requires a Desktop App update, it's because you're a System Admin of your Workplace and your version of the Workplace Desktop App on Windows is no longer auto-updating.
We have fixed this issue in v1.0.76, but all older versions of the desktop app must be updated manually.
There are two ways you can update:
  • Manual App Update: All impacted users received a banner notice to download the new desktop app. If you missed it, you can download it here: https://work.workplace.com/work/chat/download.
  • MSI: You can also use the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) to update the desktop app on behalf of your users. This new version allows admins to force the app to update on next user login. Workplace admins can download the Workplace Chat MSI package by going to the Integrations tab in Admin Panel or you can find it here: https://work.workplace.com/work/chat/download/msi.
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