How do I turn on two-factor authentication for my organization's Workplace?

Admins can force their organization’s users to adopt two-factor authentication by a specified date. They can choose to require all of their organization’s users to adopt two-factor authentication, or a select group of people within their organization via People Sets.
To configure two-factor authentication for your organization:
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin PanelAdmin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Settings in the top right.
  4. Below Security Settings, toggle Require Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Click Save.
Note: Once two-factor authentication is adopted, admins will be able to see and track statistics via their Security dashboard.
Note: To monitor who’s using two-factor authentication at your organization, from your Admin Panel, click Security, then click Log.
Losing access to second authentication factor
If a user has lost access to their second authentication factor, whether that's the number they receive the SMS on or their authentication app, they can reach out to their system admin.
To help users regain access to their Workplace accounts as a system admin:
  1. Visit the People tab in the Admin Panel.
  2. The users who still need to confirm their second factor will appear as Verifying.
  3. Click More and select More options.
  4. Select Generate Authentication Code. Share this code with the user and they'll be able to use it as their recovery code to access their account.
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