I'm trying to add a coworker to my Workplace community. Why am I getting an error message?

If you're receiving an error message that says the user or group you're trying to add already exists, you could be experiencing one of the following problems:
  • The person may belong to another community. Keep in mind that only one email address can be associated with one Workplace community.
  • The email domain of the person could be allowlisted under a different community.
  • If you were able to add someone with the same email domain previously and are now receiving an error message, this could mean that another community claimed the email domain after you added the person with the same domain.
If you're receiving an error message that says the email can't be used, this could be because you're trying to add a generic email address such as: info@, sales@, admin@, support@, etc. Workplace only allows accounts to be created with emails belonging to individual people.
Note: To avoid complications when adding coworkers to Workplace, allowlist all email domains associated with your community. One email domain can't be allowlisted under multiple communities.
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